Third Hand Information


Hello, and welcome to Third Hand Information – personal website of Reidar Djupvik

About me

I am a 29 year old web developer living in Bodø, Norway; and I'm currently employed by Seria AS.

About this website

I've owned this domain name for quite some time, and I always meant to do something more with it. I figure that if you are a web developer, you'd have your own personal web space. The problem is that I always have such crazy ideas about how to build it, using exotic stuff like XML databases and such. We'll see how it ends up. At least I'm already using an SVG image as background, which is quite uncommon still, as far as I know.

Stuff I've made public

Not much yet, but I made a demo of a rich form control (code on Github) a couple of years ago. However I have a few interesting projects cooking.

Currently, this is all I've got, but I'm planning on making this website into a blog about web development (and anything else I'd like to talk about on my personal blog). Stay tuned…